Aion 64 bits sur le serveur de test coréen !

Ecrit par Earnil, le 29-11-2010

On en avait déjà parlé cet été, la version Aion 64 bits arrive a grand pas ! En effet, une récente mise à jour l'a implémenté sur les serveurs de test coréens, avec de nombreuses corrections de bugs. Voici sans plus attendre le patchnotes (en anglais):


    * 'plaync' Logo was changed and the logo was also changed in the login screen.
    * When the character password menu opened and the size of the window was re-sized the message would be placed incorrectly. It was fixed.


    * Some of the guards around the Balaurea area's stats were increased.
    * Adjusted the re-appearance time of the Boss monster "Naga Team Ressurector." in Beluslan.
    * Fixed the issue where 'Unos' in Sanctum was not displayed properly.
    * Fixed the system message you receive when you kill the Dayshade in Abyssal Splinter.
    * Fixed the name being out of place for some monsters in Gelkmaros
    * Fixed some of the NPC's conversations in Pandemonium and Sanctum.


We had adjusted the difficulty of the mid boss monster Flarestorm in the Beshmundir Temple.

    * Casting time of the skill 'Volcanic Ash' skill by Flarestorm was made longer.
    * Flarestorm [Harsh Road] will no longer spawn Disaster.
    * Lowered the damage of Flarestorm's Obliterate.


    * Fixed the issue of not able to complete some of the collection quests due to the change of the amount.
    * Fixed some of the required item name errors, which gave false information to players.
    * Fixed the issue of some of the quest reward item ranks being displayed incorrectly.
    * Fixed the issue of some quest rewards all displaying as the same item.
    * Fixed the issue of some quest rewards not displaying their options.
    * Fixed some quest misplacements.


    * We've lowered the price of the level 50 Fabled Wings sold by Asmodae / Elysium wind vendor.
    * Fixed some of the errors where required ingredients were displayed incorrectly.
    * Fixed an issue that when comparing shields the comparison would not show the enhanced amount.
    * Fixed an issue where it would not show if the shield was able to be dyed or not.
    * Fixed an issue where the system message displayed the wrong message when using a potion.
    * We've fixed some misplacements of Item tool tips.


We've changed the Pet food sold by the vendor to be just a normal rank.


We've made changes so that if Aion was executed on a 64 Bit OS system, the new 64-Bit version of the game will launch automatically.

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